Understandably, all projects are different, but similarities exist between all. One of the primary objectives of our process is to slowly unveil your new home. By slowing down the process and breaking it into smaller steps, fewer decisions will be required at any one time. This reduces the stress level and gives all involved more time to make well-informed choices. Below are the stages of the design process.
Please allow a minimum of 3-4 months of calendar time to complete the planning and design of your project. If you can allow 6 months, you will be presented with a much more relaxed timeline.

Pre-Design Stage

We like to start the design process with an initial interview, during which we will discuss your expectations, review the design and construction process, and talk about design fees and timelines.
If you are still in the process of purchasing property, I will go with you to evaluate your building site if needed.
Then, at our first design meeting, I will gather information about your size and style preferences for your new house. We will also discuss basic layout options in relation to your building site and budget.

Drafting Stage

After the first design meeting, I will provide you with a sketched draft of 1/8” concept drawings, which display the preliminary layout with design options. These concept drawings may also include sketches of exterior elevations, and a footprint of the house to study positioning on your lot.
After you review these first concept drawings, we will begin the process of working closely together to make the necessary revisions until you are pleased with the results.

Final Draft Stage

After deciding on a final design, I will draft 1/4" scale construction plans for your review. After meeting to discuss general interior details and external materials and application, I will revise the 1/4" plans as required.
At this point, we will also discuss and decide on final interior details, including fireplace designs, ceiling designs, wall finishes, etc.

Bidding Stage

During the final stage of the design process, we will prepare bidding specifications for the completed plan and release the plans for bidding.
After reviewing bids and selecting a builder, we will make the final revisions to the plans to make them construction-ready!

Construction Stage

This is the step where we talk about follow up and construction walk throughs and involvement in the building process.

"I have worked with Reuter Design for over 26 years. I have found Chas to be the best designer I have ever worked with.
He's creative while being realistic about the structural design.
He is an artist, his designs/plans are the best I've seen in Wisconsin."

- Jim Blair, EWTS, Appleton